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Ginger Agency’s Firm Stance on Fake Followers

With the rise of fake social media followers, we have a firm stance against endorsing the purchase of these, and we are as vigilant as ever. In the ever-changing world of social media, influencers wield considerable power, steering trends and shaping opinions. The temptation of buying followers as a shortcut to fame has, and for as long as it is available, will continue to entice some influencers, but will lead to no good. Here is a quick guide to why this approach is counterproductive and what to look out for. Ginger Agency will never condone this practice or collaborate with influencers who do, particularly amidst Instagram's recent crackdown on fraudulent accounts.  


Fake Numbers, No Friends: If you buy followers, those numbers won't be real friends. Purchasing followers may create an illusion of popularity, but it lacks the substance of genuine engagement.  


The Website Knows: Social media platforms are adept at identifying if your followers don't really like your posts, potentially diminishing the visibility of your posts: Social media sites are clever. 


Trust Issues: Authenticity is paramount online; buying followers erodes trust, a valuable commodity that's extremely challenging to restore. Trust is hard to gain and easy to lose, and credibility is a big part of that. Buying followers not only deceives your audience but also undermines the hard work of genuine influencers and brands you may wish to work with.  


Companies Might Say No: Authenticity is key for brands collaborating with influencers; fake followers can jeopardize partnerships and brand reputation for the future. Companies want to collaborate with influencers who have an authentic and engaged audience. 


Instagram's Fake Follower Purge: Instagram actively removes fake followers, impacting both your follower count and visibility on the platform. Instagram is cracking down on fake followers and will continue to do so. 

Hayley Harris, Managing Director at Ginger Agency: "We will call people out on this and will not accept this type of behaviour; it has no place in marketing. We need our clients to see real data, in the same way they would review advertising in a magazine or on a website, and no smoke and mirrors. Buying fake followers is time-wasting for everyone involved and will not lead to commercial gain in the long term." 


Lucy Hall, founder of Digital Women, adds, "Buying followers in social media is a massive no-no. You can tell fake followers a mile off, and the engagement rate is an obvious sign for that. There are so many reasons why buying followers is the wrong thing, but these people will never buy your product, and it will skew your data, damaging your account for the future. Buying followers is scamming and will damage your individual brand or business for a long time." 


While the shortcut of acquiring followers may seem enticing, it will negatively impact on you. Nurturing your followers organically establishes a robust, enduring online presence. To navigate around the pitfalls of fake followers, consider these three top tips:  


  •  Scrutinise follower engagement; a misalignment between numbers and interaction levels may signal fake followers.  

  • Be ultra vigilant for signs of fake profiles, such as generic usernames, lack of profile pictures, or limited activity.  

  • Rapid follower count increases, especially without corresponding engagement boosts, could indicate purchased followers. Be aware of the long-term consequences, including trust issues and credibility loss.  


Ultimately, it all comes down to how engaged your following  really  is. Ginger Agency is committed to upholding these principles and aligns with the values of transparency and authenticity in the digital landscape. Collaborating with influencers who share these values ensures mutual success while maintaining the integrity of a brand and reputation is paramount. 




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