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Case Studies

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Harnessing Influencer Marketing for BoatLife's Success

In 2021, Ginger was entrusted as the lead Marketing Agency for BoatLife Events, the UK's largest indoor boat show. As we developed a comprehensive social media marketing strategy, we recognised a significant opportunity to leverage the power of influencer marketing.

Our approach encompassed a range of influencer collaborations, spanning from long-term brand ambassadors to short-term activations. We strategically utilised platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and even ventured into emerging campaigns on TikTok.

Here are some remarkable results achieved through our partnership with BoatLife in 2023:

  • Campaigns generated over 300 pieces of user-generated content, tapping into the enthusiasm and creativity of the audience.

  • The combined audience reach surpassed 1 million, allowing us to engage with a vast and diverse audience.

  • The campaigns successfully converted into direct traffic sales, driving tangible business results.

  • Our collective efforts garnered a remarkable 7 million+ impressions across all marketing activities, maximizing brand exposure.

  • Engagements soared to over 599,000, indicating high levels of interaction and interest from the target audience.


Specific influencers made a significant impact:

  • The Fish Locker, with its captivating content, reached an impressive 4 million impressions and was viewed over 218,129 times.

  • A tweet by Jo Moseley, a passionate SUP enthusiast, garnered 34,320 impressions and received 1,237 engagements, effectively amplifying the brand's message.

  • Liam Peacock, a renowned Pro Wakeboarder, captivated audiences on Instagram with content that achieved 21,750 impressions, 11,751 video plays, and 497 engagements.

The collaboration between Ginger and BoatLife showcased the immense power and effectiveness of influencer marketing. By strategically partnering with influential individuals, we harnessed their reach, authenticity, and connection with their followers, driving remarkable engagement, brand exposure, and ultimately contributing to the success of BoatLife.

This case study demonstrates Ginger's expertise in harnessing the potential of influencer marketing to achieve exceptional results for our clients.

AEO Excellence Awards Shortlist 2023

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Reaching New Audiences with Influencer Marketing for Pantaenius UK

In 2022, Pantaenius UK enlisted the expertise of the Ginger Agency to enhance their PR and social media marketing endeavours. With the goal of achieving their business objectives, we implemented impactful influencer marketing campaigns.

After conducting a comprehensive review, we determined that establishing long-term brand ambassadors would be the optimal approach to bolster brand awareness in emerging markets and drive the desired outcomes. We meticulously crafted individual content strategies in collaboration with the chosen ambassadors, ensuring they aligned perfectly with the campaign brief. Platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube formed the core of our marketing initiatives.

The initial results are highly promising:

  • The combined audience reach of our brand ambassadors currently stands at an impressive 8,655 individuals. This extensive reach has allowed us to connect with a broad and diverse audience, effectively expanding the brand's visibility.

  • The content delivered so far has generated over 2,000 engagements, demonstrating a strong level of interest and interaction from the target audience. This engagement showcases the ambassadors' ability to captivate their followers and create meaningful connections with the brand.

  • Notably, we have observed a significant shift in the demographics of Pantaenius UK's Instagram following, aligning precisely with the intended new target market. This shift validates the effectiveness of our influencer marketing campaigns in attracting and resonating with the desired audience.

  • The collaboration between Pantaenius UK and the Ginger Agency exemplifies the impact and value of influencer marketing in achieving brand objectives. By strategically partnering with long-term brand ambassadors and curating tailored content strategies, we successfully propelled brand awareness, expanded the audience reach, and fostered meaningful engagement.

This case study underscores Ginger's proficiency in leveraging influencer marketing to elevate brands and connect with their target markets effectively. Through our innovative strategies and collaboration with influential individuals, we empower businesses like Pantaenius UK to maximize their brand's potential and achieve tangible results.


Driving Brand Awareness and Franchise Growth with Influencer Marketing for Freedom Boat Club UK

In 2022, Freedom Boat Club UK brought Ginger Agency on board to align their marketing efforts with their business objectives. To achieve maximum impact and broaden brand awareness, we integrated influencer marketing campaigns into their overall marketing strategy, focusing on promoting the corporate clubs.

Our ongoing PR activities have been designed to secure features in lifestyle and marine media outlets, ensuring widespread exposure and engagement. Additionally, we have taken an active role in organising local and show events to further enhance brand visibility. A recent focus has been promoting Freedom Boat Club UK's expanding UK/EU franchise model on LinkedIn, tapping into the professional networking platform's reach and targeting relevant audiences.

As part of our comprehensive approach, we have also taken charge of all advertising placements for Freedom Boat Club UK. Looking ahead to the summer of 2023, we are collaborating with influential individuals to showcase the Loch Lomond and Solent clubs, leveraging the power of influencer marketing to amplify their unique offerings and attract a wider audience.

The initial results from our collaboration are impressive:

  • Our influencer marketing campaigns have garnered an impressive 50,000 views, capturing the attention of a substantial audience.

  • Engagements with the content have reached 5,100, indicating a strong level of interest and interaction from the target audience.

  • The campaigns have achieved a remarkable reach of 125,000 individuals, effectively expanding the brand's visibility and attracting new prospects.

  • The impressions generated stand at an impressive 140,000, solidifying the brand's presence in the minds of the target market.


Through the synergistic combination of influencer marketing, PR activities, event organisation, and targeted advertising, the partnership between Freedom Boat Club UK and the Ginger Agency has fuelled brand awareness, fostered engagement, and laid the groundwork for franchise growth.

This case study highlights Ginger's ability to harness the power of influencer marketing and integrate it seamlessly into a comprehensive marketing strategy. By leveraging influencers, optimising media coverage, and utilising targeted advertising placements, we have successfully grown Freedom Boat Club UK's reach and positioned them for continued success in the marine industry.

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