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Ginger Agency Welcomes LifeJacket Skin Protection: Pioneers in Daily Skin Protection for Boaters

Ginger Agency is proud to announce our new partnership with LifeJacket Skin Protection, a brand dedicated to raising awareness about daily skin protection to prevent skin cancer within the boating community. LifeJacket's mission is not just about protection; it's about empowering individuals to prioritise long-term skin health and enjoy their active outdoor lifestyles with confidence.

The LifeJacket Story

Founded by three friends profoundly affected by cancer, LifeJacket aims to halt the rise in skin cancer by promoting proactive skin health through their scientifically designed products, including sunscreens, moisturisers, and UPF 50+ technical wear. With skin cancer rates on the rise, their mission is more critical than ever.

LifeJacket leads the conversation on daily skin protection, aiming to combat the escalating incidence of one of the world's most common and preventable cancers. Their commitment to skin health is evident in their high-quality, scientifically designed products developed, manufactured, and tested in Britain. Trusted by professional athletes, military personnel, and outdoor enthusiasts worldwide, LifeJacket epitomises their motto, "We've got your back."

The Importance of Effective Skin Protection

Invisible UV rays reach your skin every single day, regardless of temperature. The UV index, a scale indicating the day's UV radiation strength, is crucial for staying protected. The UV level can be as high on a cold or cloudy day as it is on a hot day. Therefore, always check the UV index on your weather app and plan accordingly. By implementing these 4 tips and prioritising skin health, you can significantly reduce the risk of skin cancer while enjoying your time on the water.

Daily Moisturiser with SPF

Using a good daily moisturiser with a minimum of SPF 30 is essential to safeguard your skin against incidental UV damage. Not only does it protect your skin, but it also improves its feel and appearance. Remember, there are no days off from UV protection!

Protective Clothing

Not all fabrics offer the same level of protection. A white cotton t-shirt provides the equivalent of SPF 5 sunscreen, which is insufficient. UPF 50+ fabrics are the ultimate physical barrier against UV rays, making them a crucial part of your skin protection strategy. Check out the LifeJacket range here!

Sunscreen Application

For any exposed skin, use SPF 30 or 50+ sunscreen, especially when spending long periods outside. Look for sunscreens with the UVA icon or at least UVA 4-star rating. Apply one teaspoon per body part every two hours and reapply frequently.

Seeking Shade

Staying covered in the shade is the best way to protect your skin, particularly during peak sun hours between 11am and 3pm.

LifeJacket's Impact in the Boating Community

LifeJacket's versatility and commitment to skin health make them a highly attractive brand in the marine environment. They are dedicated to collaborating with partners in the boating community and attending events to spread their crucial message. By educating people about skin science and sun exposure, raising awareness of daily skin health practices, and offering effective products, LifeJacket aims to reshape how individuals care for their skin.

Ginger Agency's Collaboration with LifeJacket

Ginger Agency are thrilled to join forces with LifeJacket in this call to arms for better skin protection practices. Through events, collaborations and ambassadors, we see this as an ideal opportunity to spread a vital message throughout the marine industry.

Together, we aim to make a significant impact on the health and wellbeing of boaters in the UK.

For more information on LifeJacket Skin Protection and their innovative products, visit LifeJacket. Let's stay protected and enjoy the great outdoors safely!

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