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International Women's Day 2023

You could argue that the Ginger team doesn't represent gender equality from our team photo.

In 2001 MD Hayley Harris, was driven to create an awesome marketing business that offered genuine flexibility for the team. For parents that wanted to be available when their children were unwell, be present at school plays, pick up time and be able to thrive in a career they love without conforming to the traditional 9am-5pm job, without the guilt.

It just so happens that 95% of the applicants were women.

Female founders are the nation's secret weapon...

If women started and scaled their businesses at the same rate as men, up to £250 billion would be pumped into the UK economy.

Why isn't that happening?

Flexible working plays a huge part in that, and women aren't getting what they need in traditional roles. Whether that's purpose or decent pay. That's why female-led companies represented 20% on all businesses in the UK last year (2022) - contributing to £85 billion to our economic output.

And it's growing each year.

Things are slowly changing, but the marine industry needs to act there's a lot of work still to do!

A flexible working policy and more equity is a massive step in the right direction!

We celebrate all the amazing women who are creating their path, and to employers who are embracing equity and making a difference every day.

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